Beach life can change your brain chemistry

Stef Zisovska

It’s not a secret that spending time at the beach makes people happier and improves their physical and mental health. It’s a fact that people born by the sea are less stressed than the ones living in some apartment in a big city.

Beaches are one of the most enjoyable features that Nature provides for us. There is nothing more relaxing than a colorful beach sunset and walking barefooted while listening to the sound of the waves.


Beach life

The amazing feeling of calmness and peace we feel at the beach is called “blue space” by scientists. The blue space is what gives us tranquility and makes us feel at ease.


When we step on the beach, the brain starts releasing serotonin. The combined therapy of sun and ocean is soothing our stressed energy and helps us feel better. Another thing that gets better while being on the beach is the quality of our sleep. There is no better way to deal with insomnia but listening to the crashing waves.


Beach life

The daily consumption of vitamin D can never be enough by just eating vitamin D rich foods. On the other hand, spending just 10 minutes in the sun can satisfy our daily needs.

Living by the sea can also improve your ability to fight infections. Salted water from a sea has unique antibacterial or antifungal properties.

If you want to lose weight, stay in shape or just spend some energy, the answer again is the beach. What’s better than exercising by the sea? The physical activities that you are avoiding all the time with an excuse of not having enough time, at the beach will be your favorite thing to do.


Beach life

Living a beach life means that your skin is enjoying beauty treatments all the time. The sand is constantly exfoliating your feet, hands, and body. The water detoxifies your skin and does a deep cleansing of the pores. Iodine and salt water are working together to clean all bacteria from your skin.


Beach life

If you suffer from joint pain or rheumatism, water aerobics is the best solution for your problems. Doctors are always recommending spending time at the beach after surgery. Breathing difficulties disappear while on the beach which indicates the quality of the air by the ocean.


Beach life

Iodine is a supplement that people take to boost the immune system, regulate the hormones and hair growth. Fortunately, sea and ocean water is full of iodine thanks to the algae and other organisms that live underwater. Iodine is absorbed by our skin while we swim.


Beach life

The expansive horizons and beautiful surroundings can help you get in touch with yourself, explore new life possibilities and be who you want to be.


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