World wonders of North America

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The North American continent is made up of amazing natural wonders ranging from rare geological formations to massive ice glaciers.

Visitors from all over the world come to marvel at the many beautiful creations located in the US. There is a surprising amount of incredible places that mark the rich history of the country, offering endless adventures and spectacular landscapes, North America is a stunning part of the world.


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Redwood National and State Park, California

Stretched along the coast of California, this park is a magical place with its majestic redwood trees. Experiencing morning in a misty redwood forest is like being a part of an unreal world or something you only see in your dreams.


Walking on the velvet moss floor, you get a feeling that at any moment you can see a dinosaur showing up from around the corner. This unique dreamy atmosphere will leave everybody speechless.


redwood national park  Photo Credit

Yosemite National Park, California

The most popular attraction in Yosemite are the massive granite cliffs surrounding the valley. There’s also the flower-filled meadows and the stunning Yosemite waterfalls that make the whole scenery of the park richer and more attractive. The granite cliffs are around 87 million years old and are a big attraction for rock climbers from all over the globe.


Arches National Park, Utah

This park is home to more than 2000 natural sandstone arches spread all over the park’s territory in eastern Utah. These gravity defying stone formations are definitely something you don’t see every day. The most popular arches for visiting and photographing are Landscape Arch, the precarious Balanced Rock, the Double Arch and the gentle slope of the Delicate Arch.


Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona

This is western movie scenery at it’s best. The dramatic rock formations rising from the barren desert are a perfect example of a typical, iconic Utah/Arizona landscape.


Monument Valley Photo Credit

Niagara Falls, Ontario/New York 

Maybe they are not the biggest waterfalls in the world, but they are definitely the most popular. Every second, 600,000 gallons of water plunge down from the Horseshoe Falls, just over the boarder in Canada.


From a cable car high above the swirling water, you can see the pools formed by the Horseshoe Falls and its neighbor American Falls.


Niagara Falls Photo Credit

Glacier Bay, Alaska

This park was created thanks to the ice melting in the last 250 years. The ice-melting process uncovered dense forests, tall mountains, marine landscapes, and massive glaciers. If you ever decide to explore this icy world, you’ll get the chance to enjoy the sight of humpback whales and sea lions.


Glacier bay

Maui, Hawai  

One of the most exotic locations on this list is, of course, Maui made of two volcanoes which were last active in the 16th century. Now the craters are full of tropical plants that meet the sea. The island includes 30 miles of beaches and lava rock promontories.


These are just a few of the many magnificent scenic locations and national parks that decorate the North American continent. Visiting these places will be an amazing experience that you will treasure your whole life.

The diversity of the earths wonders is incredible. Remember, respect nature and protect these beautiful creations because we don’t have a spare planet.


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