Extreme Hawaiian getaway

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If you are looking for a thrilling getaway and want to escape the everyday trudge of life, then Hawaii is what you need.

Hawaii is full of sandy beaches, tranquil waters, and amazing greenery. But, for the ones who are looking for a different type of vacation and some extreme fun, here you can find adrenaline sports for any taste. It’s a thrill seeker’s paradise and offers a variety of exciting activities to satisfy everyone’s needs.


If you’re looking for a fun vacation, look no more. Hawaii is the perfect place for you.


Extreme Helicopter Ride, Mt. Kilauea, The Big Island

Kilauea means spewing in Hawaiian and it’s a perfect description for this turbulent volcano. It’s been active since 1952 and what’s the best way to observe a volcano if not from the air? There are helicopter rides right above the active volcano from where you can see the lava from a distance of 500 feet. This high-temperature experience is absolutely incredible.



Extreme Kiteboarding, Kite Beach, Maui

The blue waters of Hawaii are perfect for sailing, windsurfing, and surfing. Since 1998 kiteboarding has been very popular in these waters, which originated when a group of surfers decided to make a combination of sports and attach a kite to themselves. Riding the waves this way is more fun, it lifts you up in the air, and it’s very fast.


Kiteboarding Photo Credit

Extreme Scuba Diving, Kailua-Kona, The Big Island

This is a five-hour night dive trip only for real adventurers. Divers go off the shore of Kailua-Kona and explore the waters at night time swimming next to Pacific manta rays and sharks. This scary water activity is not for everyone, but if there are brave people among you that would love to do it, there’s nothing stopping you.


Scuba diving

Extreme Surfing, The Big Island

If you want to experience extreme Hawaiian surfing, get out of the water. Stand on a custom-made board and slide down grassy mountain slopes. The board is called papa holua and the art of making it is 2000 years old. Once you try it, it will become your favorite extreme activity.


Papa holua Photo Credit

Extreme Dancing, Oahu

There is a beautiful Samoan tradition called Fire Knife Dancing that has been passed on for generations. Extremely dangerous pyrotechnic techniques are making this dance a real attraction.


Fire jams are a must see on your next Hawaii trip. These mind-blowing pyrotechnics mixed with the dance are one of the most beautiful rituals you can see while visiting Hawaii.



Extreme Zip-Lining, Maui

For those of you that like big heights, Maui zip line is the longest one in Hawaii. Enjoy your ride while watching the beautiful rainforest down bellow you.

Here are just some ideas on how to spend an active vacation while visiting Hawaii. Enjoy the great outdoors by participating in some of these thrilling activities and have the best summer holiday ever. Hawaii and its beauty await you.


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