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Nowadays, you can find all kinds of different offers for cruise trips around the world, but do you really know how to choose the best cruise? Before you decide which agency you’re going to give thousands of dollars, make sure you research good, compare prices, read reviews, and ask your friends for any advice. Don’t believe everything you hear and be mindful of your budget. Cruise trips are awesome and offer a lot of comforts, fun, and great adventure. Before choosing the cruise of your life, take a look at these useful tips that will help you make a smart choice.


Pay attention to the amount of time you will have in each port

Pay attention to every dock you make a stop on. They have so much to offer.

It’s cool to go cruising, but it’s also nice to make stops in different ports and have enough time to visit different places. What some cruises offer is quick run around the first block next to the port and that’s it. It would be nice to book a cruise that has a little bit more of an open schedule, where you can fit a couple of extra hours on land. Make sure to study all the ship’s timetables and see if you like them. Don’t let yourself be disappointed when they tell you that you only have 3 hours to spend in each port. To avoid these kinds of inconveniences, choose the cruise that gives you the longest amount of time in each port.

Travel the Caribbean off-season

Cruising off-season can sometimes be even better.

Caribbean cruises are some of the most popular in the world and they operate all year round. But there are times of the year when the cruise traffic gets slower and the prices go down. That is exactly the right time when you should purchase your trip and enjoy the same things for half the price. From September to mid-December is the best time to cruise the Caribbean. You will have a great time on each island because there are fewer people in the restaurants, the shops, and on the beaches. Make sure you always choose according to your personal preferences.

You don’t need to take the shore excursions that your cruise line offers

Plan your own excursion.

The shore excursions that your cruise line offers are not obligatory and they are way too expensive. When the cruise line offers you guides who will take you on a tour from the ship to the island’s most popular attractions, don’t do it. Why pay extra cash for something you can do on your own and for free. It may take you some extra research time before the trip, but checking a couple of information websites shouldn’t be too hard work to do if you know it will save you hundreds of dollars that you can use to buy gift onshore and dine in the nicest restaurant. Remember that the same excursions that the cruise lines offer are also available at the agencies on the island for a cheap price. These types of tricks are always useful to know and will help you save some time and money.

Do a research before shopping on board or on land

Be careful what and where you do your shopping.

The Caribbean region is a duty-free wonderland for all of you who like to do some shopping for the folks back home. All the items that you can purchase in the Caribbean imported from all over the world and they are on sale at about 50 percent off from what you would pay back in the States. Don’t forget to bargain for the price, even in big stores. In fact, if you don’t bargain, people will look at you as a weirdo. Porcelain objects, jewelry, perfumes, and exclusive wines are some of the items you should consider buying while on your trip.

Don’t let the hurricane season stop you from going

Check the weather.

The hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June to November, which is something you must know before start planning a cruise trip. However, don’t be scared to travel during the hurricane season because it doesn’t mean anything and cruise ships get plenty of warnings on where and when the storm is formed. Just in case, ask your cruise line about the hurricane policy.

Pack light clothes and comfy shoes

Light clothes are a must-have when cruising.

No matter what time of the year you’re going on a cruise, pack lights clothes, bathing suits, and comfy shoes for when you get on land.

Cruises are awesome and there is nothing better than spending your vacation on the sea. No matter where is it that you decide to travel, there is nothing more special than watching a sunset from the deck with a margarita in your hand and your loved one next to you. Think about where is it that you want to go and follow these easy steps that will take to the perfect cruise line. Plan your budget well, take your time, and good luck!

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