Why rock climbing is good for your body and soul

Stef Zisovska

Rock climbing is an extraordinary outdoor activity that challenges your body and your mind. To be a successful rock climber, you don’t need to be a professional, but you do need to be persistent, dedicated, and of course, to love doing it. There is no better sport for highly energetic people who are always looking for something more challenging. Apart from helping you control your weight and developing your physique, rock climbing will stimulate your brain and make it work in new ways. The best way to do it is outside, on a fresh air and with real rocks. But if you don’t have any climbing areas near and can’t afford to travel, then just go to the local climbing gym.

There are many benefits to rock climbing, and not all of them are connected to the physical aspect of your body. It’s not easy at all, and you need to be into it if you want to achieve positive results. Measuring your strength is one of the things that you’ll appreciate most about this sport. Remember that no matter how hard it seems at the beginning, you can always do more than what you expected. Never give up and get ready for your new favorite hobby.

Physical benefits of rock climbing 

Strong arms

Want an outdoor full body workout? Go climb!

After only a few weeks of climbing, your arm muscles will gain a different form and look. It’s because your arms have the leading role in most climbing scenarios and they are the ones that will help you move up the rock. The more you climb, the stronger your arms will become. Don’t give up after the first unsuccessful attempt. Keep trying!

Strong shoulders

The muscles contained in your shoulder will help you stay on the wall. So, you will develop toned shoulders not long after you start climbing.

Thigh muscles

Although the main effort is not in your legs while you’re climbing, they still do a great job in pushing you up the rock. Therefore, they will become stronger and well-toned.

Forget lifting weights in the gym – climbing is a great way to sculpt a muscular body

Strong back

Climbing will help you develop all the back muscle groups.


Toned forearms look great, especially on men. The volume of these muscles will increase a lot if you dedicate yourself once a week to a boulder problem.

Improved heart rate

You heart rate will improve significantly after spending lots of time in the outdoors and doing a challenging physical activity while doing nothing too speedy that could damage your heart muscle.

Psychological and emotional benefits of rock climbing

Setting goals

Conquering that rock face takes mental as well as physical strength

When you decide that you want to conquer a rock, that’s setting a goal. Climbing up that rock is moving towards the goal achievement. This attitude will help you learn about setting goals for any other thing in your life and enable you to move forward.

Be more aware of yourself

Rock climbing will make you more aware of the space that surrounds you, and also how you move your body within it.

Stress Buster

When you are hanging on a rock, the last thing you will be thinking about is your problematic work or annoying boss. While you are up there, your mind will be occupied with resolving the rock problem and not thinking about how much paperwork needs to be done for the new office project.

Learn to let go of the daily stress and find new inner strength in nature


If you can climb a rock, you can do whatever you want in your life. You will feel better about yourself, your self-confidence will grow and people will notice it.

Rock climbing is all about getting to the top while having fun on the way. Try to apply this rule in all aspects of your life and enjoy the change it brings. Good luck!

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