Embracing the Cold: Curing Winter Blues by Enjoying Bluebird Skies

Marion Fernandez

Some people are lucky enough to live in a land blessed with warm weather the entire year, where they remain sun-kissed despite the month. Others, whether by choice or circumstances beyond their control, spend up to half the year in several layers of down and fleece longing for the days of green grass and short sleeves. Those months often feel like an eternity, but there are plenty of ways to pass the time that make winter that much more bearable, and dare I say, something to look forward to enjoying.

Whether you wish you could hibernate, or wonder why people live where the cold burns their face, here are a few reasons that make it all worth it. Maybe those northerners aren’t so crazy after all.

Hitting the Slopes

Hitting the slopes can be more fun than you think – feel the wind whip your face as you whiz down the slopes, the soft snow under your skis or snowboard – it’s really magical.

 Snow covered mountains are a beautiful sight that even summer babies can’t deny are lovely. The winter blankets the evergreens with snow and makes for fairytale scenery. There are many different ways to enjoy the mountains, it just depends how athletic and prepared you are.

Skiing and boarding are undoubtedly thrilling, albeit pricey, ways to experience snow covered mountains. A relaxing lift ride to the top, followed by crushing the slopes with a trail of powder behind you. Most ski resorts offer a wide variety of trails to cater to all levels: new skiers, the experienced skiers and the daredevils.

For those who are lacking the skills to strap on some skis, gravity can still bring you some fun via sled or tube. Bundle up, and exert some energy climbing up a hill and feeling the wind on your face as you speed down like you did as a child. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy the snow and do something you can’t do during the summer months.

 Exploring the Wilderness

Seeing where you live in a whole new light, snow shoeing allows you to explore uncharted winter territories without the hassle of struggling trying to walk in the snow.

There is nothing more serene than the wilderness in the wintertime. It is the perfect time to strap on some snowshoes, and enjoy what nature has to offer. Hikers also enjoy a different perspective on the world like when they enjoy the ice forming across a normally bubbling brook. Whether a short nature walk, or a full on suited up hike, there is plenty to see.

When enjoying nature, look for footprints of animals in the snow to see evidence of the wildlife that surrounds you. It’s also a great place to test out your photography skills or to enjoy a good-natured snowball fight. Cross country skiing is also a smooth way to travel through the woods, perfect for listening to the sounds of the forest.

 Yard Games Sans Green Grass

Don’t let the winter stop your fun. Make a campfire in your backyard and toast some s’mores or make snowmen or play your fav games!

Summer gets all the fun games, but what’s to stop you from enjoying your lawn games on the snow? Pat down a bocce court, set up some croquet, or even badminton. Winter is no reason to sit inside all day, when there’s plenty of blue sky and sunshine to absorb. Think of all of your favorite games, and apply them to a winter setting. There’s no sense letting them gather dust just because the lawn is covered in three feet of snow.

There are many different games that can be enjoyed by wearing some warm clothes and stocking up on cocoa for post activity relaxation. When you’re bundled in several layers of winter clothes, the cold won’t be a problem, and you’ll be able to make snow drifts into the perfect outdoor lounge chairs. A fire pit can warm up frozen feet, and s’mores can transport you back to the days of summer fun and camping out.

 Ice Isn’t Just for Your Drinks

Get creative with your activities. Make an ice-bar, or go winter fishing – there’s a lot to do in winter!

Solidly iced over lakes open up acres of pristine space perfect for a variety of activities. Set up a little pond hockey, with some camp chairs and a fire setup to relax afterwards. Some people enjoy ice fishing, to the extent of bringing ice huts out as a place to warm up. Snowmobiling is a fun way to explore the ice.

If drinks are on your mind, build yourself an ice bar and have a gathering to enjoy adding your favorite liquor to cocoa for an indulgent treat. Your drinks will stay cold and fit perfectly into a snow formed mold you made for them. If you’re not up for creating your own ice bar, many venues host ice bars complete with ice sculptures and fancy drinks that bring a sense of fun to the winter days.

You can even go so far to bringing picnic tables, grills, and folding chairs out onto the ice where you have all the space in the world. The middle of a frozen lake is the perfect place for anything you’d do in the middle of your backyard.

 Go On Vacation

Leaving the snow behind for warmer climes is one way to face the winter – you’ll join the birds that fly south for the winter – but being cozy at home with a fire and snacks is such an incredible feeling in winter!

When the snow just won’t cut it and the cold has permeated through to your bones for what seems like forever, it may just be time for you to leave it all behind and head off on a vacation. It may seem like you’re running away from the cold, but it gives you something to look forward to, and breaks up the dreary weather.

Vacation can be to a tropical destination, or to a secluded mountainside resort complete with a Jacuzzi and fireplace to relax in front of each night. Whatever the locale, winter can be a great time to enjoy a vacation, whether a long weekend or a week.

Just because winter is here, there is no reason to avoid the great outdoors. Invest in a warm pair of boots, know how to properly layer your clothing to keep you warm and dry, and head out into the crisp air. If nothing else, you’ll feel energized from the fresh air, and enjoy the warmth of your home after your time outside. Get out of your comfort zone and bundle up to go enjoy the outside world.

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