4 Things You May Have Forgotten That Could Keep You Alive When the Grid Goes Down

Doug Williams
Keep yourself alive

When preparing for disaster, something you should know is that you probably can’t prepare 100%. In other words, there’s always going to be more you could do to get yourself ready, which really means that you can never truly be ready.


Are You Ready for the crash?

Nonetheless, there are a few things you may have forgotten that could keep you alive if the grid goes down, and these are things that shouldn’t be neglected. Being aware of these things is easily one of the best things you can do to stay alive should the grid ever go down in your area.

Here are four things you may have forgotten about that could keep you alive if the grid goes down:


Evade danger rather than confronting it

In other words, you are more likely to stay alive by staying out and away from danger rather than finding yourself in a fight. Granted, there will be certain situations where you will be unable to run away, such as if your house were to come under attack, but if you can help it, evade danger rather than confronting it.

If someone tries to pick a fight with you, walk away. If you see danger coming, hide.

You get the idea. Be prepared to fight if you have to, but don’t make it your primary strategy.


Wear normal clothes in your area

Easily one of the best strategies for staying alive is for you to blend in with your environment. This builds on the last point of how evasion is the best defense.

So what can you do to blend in? A few things:

First and foremost, wear normal clothes in your area. DO NOT wear camouflage or tactical clothing of any kind as this will make you an instant target – not only to other people but to law enforcement officers as well. Also, avoid wearing brightly-colored clothing; instead, go with darker neutral colors.

The same goes for your backpack or bug out bag as well. A camouflage or brightly-colored pack is not the best type of bag to go with.

Furthermore, keep all electronic items, guns, and anything of value hidden. This includes food and water. If you are armed, keep your firearms concealed as best you can. This will help you to blend in better with a crowd rather than helplessly stand out.


Whatever you’re going to carry, you need to keep it hidden

Should you evade danger if you can help it? Yes. Should you blend in with the crowd and your surroundings as best you can? Yes.

But still, you may be forced to fight to defend your life, and for this reason, you should always be armed with something if the grid goes down. The key to successfully defending yourself is to give yourself as many advantages as possible over any opponents. Don’t rely on luck, and don’t think of yourself as a movie hero. 

That being said, if you are going to be armed, you need to keep your weapons concealed. Whether it’s a gun, knife, tomahawk, club, or whatever you’re going to carry, you need to keep it hidden. If your weapons are too large to conceal carry on your person, such as in the case of a rifle or shotgun, then keep them in the house or in the car where they are easily accessible.


A survival garden will keep you alive in the long run

It doesn’t matter how much food and water you stockpile; in the end, it will never really be enough. This is why the real key to long-term survival is not about stockpiling food but rather about self-sufficiency – growing your own food and collecting your own water.

Do you have a survival garden right now that enables you to grow your own food? Do you have a water well or a rain catchment system? Do you live in an area where you can hunt for wild game? If the answer is no to those things, consider making some changes.

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