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Once you get a taste for taking the exciting plunge into open space, it is hard to turn away from bungee jumps. While this extreme sport is not legal everywhere, there are plenty of reputable companies and locations around that ensure you can find a new thrill, if you know where to look.

If you are ready to take your hobby to the next level, check out our list of some of the most epic jumps around the world.


Ponte Colossus

Ponte Colossus, Italy

Your heart will leap into your mouth and beyond at this epic location. The Ponte Colossus or “tall bridge” as it also known, stands at an impressive 500 feet. It was built during the 1970s after the previous crossing had been flooded out in 1968, which destroyed much of the area.


The bridge connects the municipalities of Veglio and Mosso, bringing two smaller communities together. The bungee jumping center there was established in 1996, which has had a positive impact on the local, provincial economy. The jump boasts 4.5 seconds of freefall with 2.7 Gs of force. Eeks!


Bloukrans Bridge

Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa

Another impressive bridge to bungee off is the Bloukrans Bridge located near Nature’s Valley in the Western Cape. Standing at 710 feet, it boasts the title of being the highest commercial bungee jumping bridge.

The bridge spans the Bloukrans River, providing an unmatched view as you fall more than 500 feet down. The Bloukrans Bridge Bungee is operated by Face Adrenalin, which has had zero accidents since it was established in 1997. Still feel like flying like a bird?


Swiss Dam

Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

Located in Val Verasca, Switzerland, this bungee site has been popular ever since it was shown in the James Bond movie, GoldenEye.

After the 1995 movie came out, the dam was leased to a commercial bungee jump company. Standing at 721 feet up, this hydroelectric dam offers a completely different and shocking bungee experience. You do have to have a doctor’s sign-off as well as ensuring you are a proper height and weight before they will let you attempt this intense jump.


I know James Bond did some crazy stunts, but do you have the guts to try this one out?


The Nevis

The Nevis, New Zealand

Go to the country that started the sport and experience jumping in a totally different way. While you could go to the intensely popular Kawarau Bridge, it is far more exhilarating to go to the nearby Nevis Bungy, which is New Zealand’s highest bungee point.

While the jump from 440 feet toward the Nevis River below may seem tame compared to other jumps on this list, the difference is where you are jumping from. It is a 35-minute trek up, riding on a rocky 4-wheel drive bus while crossing through sheep country to make it to the bungee site.

Then, once you are harnessed, you will have to take a rocky, open-air cable car to reach the jump pod. The jump is timed to take about 8 seconds – and trust me, you’ll see your life flash before your eyes but this is one jump you’ll never forget. Ever.


Macau Tower

Macau Tower, China

Located in Sé, Macau, China, the jump from Macau Tower is the highest tower jump in the world. From the impressive 764 foot tower, jumpers will fall within 100 feet of the asphalt parking lot below, proving that you have to be fearless and trusting to even want to consider this jump. While the tower is also used for telecommunications, it is well-known for its epic “skyjump.”

In order to ensure that you can make this jump safely, they designed a specialty bungee cord as well as guide cables and a recovery system. Despite the terrifying nature of the jump, Macau Tower has never had a bungee accident. Whew – that was my only worry so glad that’s sorted out. Macau, here I come!


Wherever you find your bungee thrill around the world, remember that you should always jump legally. Illegal jumps are unsafe for so many reasons, including lack of testing the jump structure, distance projection, and even the safety of other people around you.

There are many epic jumps all over the world. Go forth and find your thrill.


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