How to use tampons for survival

Stef Zisovska
Tampons are a great addition to a survival kit

When facing a survival situation, everything around you becomes a survival tool. When we say everything, we think everything.

A tampon is an item that is found to be very useful in an emergency situation. If you travel with a woman then is very probable that she’ll have a few tampons which can be very useful out there.

If you’re a man, you’ll get a pack for yourself in preparation for your next wilderness trip.


Tampons can be a very useful part of your survival kit and if something goes wrong, you’ll be more than happy to have them around.



Water filter

Use the cotton from the tampon to purify the water. Cut the layers of cotton from the inside and filter the water. It will remove all the dirt and pieces of wood, but it won’t kill the bacteria. That’s why you’ll need to boil the filtered water.


If there are any dry leaves around or kindling, then you can use a tampon as a firestarter. Pull it apart and make a fluffy ball out of the cotton. You don’t usually need to use all the tampon as there is a lot of cotton wool in there, save some for another fire.



Emergency bandage

In a survival situation, a tampon can be a perfect replacement for a bandage. If you suffer and accident and have an open wound somewhere on your body, open a tampon and place it on the wound to stop the bleeding. You can also use it for cleaning the wound if there is any alcohol near.

Emergency candle

You can make an emergency candle by soaking the tampon in oil, wax or fat. Any of these will do. Burn it from the string that will serve as a candle wick. You can use a vegetable oil or any other that you have with you.



Emergency toilet

This may sound funny, but it works. If it happens that you are trapped somewhere or can’t move for any reason, put a tampon or two in a ziplock bag and pee inside.

Bottle cork

If you can’t find anything else around, then you can use a tampon as a bottle cork. It will keep the bugs away from the bottle and keep the liquid from evaporating.


Bottle cork

Emergency toothbrush or a dental floss

If all your hygiene products are lost in the wilderness, you can use a tampon to clean your teeth. Moisten it and scrub the surface of your teeth with it. The strands of the tampon string make a good dental floss. This way you’ll keep your teeth clean until you get a proper toothbrush.


Dental floss

Wind tracking

If you hold a tampon by the string you can tell the exact direction of the wind. You need this in a case of building a shelter or hunting (it will hide your smell from the animals).



These are some of the practical uses of the tampons. For the size, weight, and cost, a tampon has an impressive list of survival functions. If you were not aware of the tampon multi-use, now you know it can save your life in a case of emergency. Get a pack for your survival kit and try not to get lost.

Safe travels!


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