How to prepare for a weekend camping trip

Stef Zisovska
Prepare for a camping trip.

For how long have you been wishing to escape the boredom of the everyday life and breathe some fresh air in the nearest wilderness? Spending time in nature is an awesome thing, especially if you know what you’re doing and that you’re in a good company. Many times in life a regular walk in the city park or even a day-long hike in the nearest forest is not enough to clear our minds, so what we need to do is go outside of the city for at least a weekend. A camping trip in the wilderness is a perfect way to get away for awhile and recharge your batteries.


The questions are, have you done it before and do you know how to prepare for it? Well, to be honest, getting ready for a camping trip is not rocket science, but if you don’t know what to expect in the woods, there is a chance you don’t know what to pack. There is no need to worry about it: just follow these simple tips and enjoy your days in the wilderness.

Choose the right destination

Choose the right destination.

First, it’s very important to know where you’re going. Unless you’re heading on a wild adventure on your own without any planning, you would need to decide where it is that you’re going and with how many people. If you’re looking for a cozy camping spot for a smart couple’s tent, then your destination choice will be different than if you’re going away for the weekend with a group of 10 friends or family. Also, if you’re only staying for the weekend, don’t pick a place that’s thousands of miles far from your home.

Prepare the medical needs

Stay healthy.

If you or someone from your group suffers from an allergy or any other condition, the first thing you should pack is all the necessary medicine. If you wear contacts, make sure you bring an extra pair and a solution. Your first-aid kit should contain all the extra medications that you usually need back home. Even if you never use them on your camping trip because you feel better in nature, you must have them with you. Being healthy is the first step to a successful camping trip.

Make a meal plan

Make a meal plan.

Eating in the wilderness is extra fun and tastier than back home. Before you start packing food, talk to all the group members about what they want to eat and their food needs. If you travel with your family then you probably know what they want, so planning the meals should be easier. Make a list of all the meals and all the ingredients you need to prepare, and pack them separately for each day. Label them with a day and a meal, for example, Saturday/Breakfast. Don’t forget to bring snacks and drinks as well. If you travel with kids, the snacks can be lifesavers sometimes.

Make a camping checklist

Make a checklist.

Everything will go smoothly and stress-free if you make a list of all the items you’re going to need for the camping trip. Think about all the big and small things that can fit in your car and that are good to have around. Of course, the first thing you need to bring is a tent, then sleeping bags, sleeping pads, at least two large tarps (one for underneath the tent, and an extra one to make a cover for your tent in case it’s not waterproof). Then think about all the clothes you might need. Wear layers, bring a rain jacket, and always have an extra pair of dry socks and good hiking boots. Another important checklist portion is the cookware and all you need to make a fire. Make sure you don’t miss anything, and think about all you would like to have if you were home, but in a camping version.

Plan an easy first meal

Tortillas are good for camping.

Would you like to prepare a complicated meal right after you arrive at you camping location or you would rather have some pre-cooked meal? The second option is probably the one everyone would choose. If you’re not a sandwich type of person, then bring some tortillas and chop all the veggies and the meat at home, so you don’t have to spend time on that in the wilderness. This way, you can easily make wraps after you’re done with setting up the tent and collecting wood for the campfire. Throwing all the ingredients in a pan for 5 minutes and wrap them in tortillas is an easy meal that you will enjoy under a starry sky.

Get ready for the road

Camping time begins!

Once you have everything planned, start packing and fit it all in your car. Make sure you stay calm and avoid stressful situations because stress will not help you at all. When you take care of all the necessary items, get behind the wheel and hit the road. A great camping trip is waiting for you. Good luck!

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