Great white water rafting locations in the US

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White water rafting is an exciting outdoor activity for adults and kids. It’s a great fun and active sport, for experienced and beginning rafters. White water rafting is quickly gaining popularity among all generations and is a perfect way of getting close to nature and enjoy the rivers all over the country.

Some of the guys here at Outdoor Revival HQ have had awesome experiences out rafting the rivers around the west and midwest, if not tried it before get out there this year and have a blast.



As well as being a great physical activity is also a team sport that helps young people develop social skills and ecological awareness.



How to wear a life jacket, where to sit and how to paddle are some of the things that an experienced guide is always teaching the rafting crew. The guide is preparing everybody how to react in case of an emergency or if someone falls out of the boat. That’s why the life jacket and the helmet are essential.

When everybody knows what to do, how to react and how to manage their role in the raft, white water rafting is one of the most fun water sports that is suitable for the whole family, starting age 7.

There are plenty of beautiful and exciting rafting destinations in the country. Some people prefer rafting for a day and others like to do longer rafting holidays.


Rafting river

The best thing to wear is a wetsuit, or if the waters not too rough and it’s warm enough you can get away with shorts, but do not wear cotton clothing it will soak up water like a sponge. It’s always best to get advice from the people that know the river well, they know what gear you need, what you can expect on the river and how to get the most from your trip

Here are some of the best rafting spots in the country.



The Green River is a Colorado River tributary. This river extends from western Wyoming to Utah, briefly passing through Colorado.

Nenana River flows through the Denali Nation Park, Alaska. It’s the most popular rafting river in the region.


Nenana river rafters – Author: Stan Shebs – CC BY-SA 3.0

Salmon River covers 20 miles through northern California and 34 miles in the Cascade Mountains, Oregon. A long segment of Salmon River which has loads of rafting runs flows through Idaho.

Colorado River is one of the world’s most spectacular rafting destinations. Rafting the Colorado River provides one of the most exciting river vacations and experiences and is famous the world over.


Colorado River

The Rio Grande river is 18oo miles long, starting in Colorado It offers day trips or longer rafting adventures.

Jackson Hole in Wyoming provides the perfect combination of paddling, big waves, calmer waters and stunning canyon scenery.


Rio Grande

Alsek River travels all along the border of Alaska and Canada. Rafting on this river is a completely different experience, it’s a real adventure, full of excitement because there are icebergs in the water, that’s just cool.

Cumberland River in Kentucky provides good rapid flows during the whole summer season.

Arkansas River is a beautiful place for rafting. Providing continuous white waters through the awesome Arkansas River Valley.

If you have always wanted to try white water rafting now is the right time. Decide where you want to go and jump into a great adventure. Have a safe rafting trip!


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We live in a beautiful world, get out there and enjoy it.

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