The best Nebraska spots for adventurous spirits

Stef Zisovska

As the temperatures start to warm up and we get a glimpse of spring, our bodies feel it’s time to get out of the winter boredom and jump into new adventures in the great outdoors. Nebraska is one of the most interesting states to explore and satisfy your adventurous spirit. If you have never thought of Nebraska as an outdoor adventure destination, check this list of places and things to do in the Cornhusker State.


The entrance of Garfield County Frontier Fairgrounds, site of Nebraska’s Big Rodeo.

If you want to experience ranch life and enjoy an idyllic setting, then you should visit the town of Burwell and feel like a cowboy or a cowgirl for a while. Burwell is the home of Nebraska’s Big Rodeo, an annual event that’s held every year in the last week of July.

High Plains Homestead in Crawford

Have you ever asked yourself what it was like to be a pioneer? Well, if you are adventurous enough, you will find the answer in High Plains Homestead in Crawford. The place offers accommodation way better than back in the day, but you will still have the chance to experience the pioneer era in Nebraska and feel like you were part of it. Delicious meals at Drifter’s Cookshack is one more reason to visit the area.

Platte River Airboating


Speed addicts here we come! Airboating on Platte River is extremely fun and a hard-to-forget experience that all the adventurous members of your family will love. It’s maybe not the fastest thing in the world, but it’s definitely a good way to explore the river and its surroundings while having a great time on the airboat. Bryson’s Airboat Tours is the place you need to look for if you want to have everything organized for you. Have fun!

Climbing in Lincoln

If you are an adventurous person but don’t actually want to visit the great outdoors to find the thrill you crave, then climbing the huge rock wall at UNL’s Outdoor Adventure Center in Lincoln is the perfect thing for you.

Canoe or kayak Dismal River

Dismal River, looking downstream (east) from Nebraska Highway 97 crossing in Hooker County – Author: Ammodramus

Dismal River is a great river for canoeing and kayaking, so if this is your passion you need to come here. Be careful if you are a beginner, no matter how adventurous you feel. If you don’t have your own gear, go to Glidden Canoe Rental and rent all the equipment you need, plus ask for useful tips and advice before getting into the water. Locals know more about the river than anyone else. Check the weather forecast as well.

Lake McConaughy

Lake McConaughy Kite Surfing – Author: Vicki Watkins – CC-BY 2.0

People who love water will have the opportunity to enjoy the countless water activities that Lake McConaughy has to offer. The lake is formed by the Kingsley Dam on the North Platte River. If you want to go boating, fishing, parasailing, jet skiing, paddle boarding, or just swimming, you can do it all here. Lake McConaughy’s surroundings are great for camping and spending a few quiet days in nature far from your everyday routine. Can you imagine grilling the fish you caught today over a campfire and listening to the sounds of cricket? Nice, isn’t it?

The State of Nebraska may not seem like an adventurers’ paradise, but it definitely is. The most important thing about being a free spirit is to know what kind of thrill you need and which outdoor activities make you most happy. When you know this, any place on the planet will become a playground that will offer your adventurous spirit a lot of things to explore, learn, and do. Protect nature and never leave a trace behind you when roaming the great landscapes of the USA. Take care and good luck!

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