9 Reasons to go camping right now

Stef Zisovska

People always choose to go camping in the summer months because they think that’s the best time of the year to spend a night away from their home comforts. Well, for some of you it probably is, but what about all the mosquitoes, the humidity, bugs, or summer rain? Colder months have their beauty as well, and especially if we’re talking about camping. Nights spent stargazing, a campfire, and a cozy tent are some of the reasons why you should go on a camping trip right now. Just pick the closest national forest or a park and pack your camping gear. The adventure is waiting for you.

Starry nights

Starry night

Winter nights are clearer and have more stars because the cold air holds less moisture than the warm summer air. Therefore, the winter nights provide us with a clear and shiny sky that creates a magical scene high above our heads. Plus, winter nights are longer than the summer ones, so right away you gain more hours of stargazing fun. Have in mind that the nights are darkest during the new moon, so plan your camping trip after you consult a lunar calendar.

New views

The familiar summertime destinations look completely different in winter and that’s the beauty of it. You can go camping throughout the year on the same spot and it will never look the same because of the seasonal changes. Now think of which place you would like to see from a different perspective.

Leave the DEET at home


You don’t need to panic because you forget to zip your tent’s door, the mosquitoes are not going to come in. All the other bugs are less active or not active at all during the cold months, so you don’t have to spend extra cash on repellents. The cold months may be the right time to hit the backcountry if you or your would-be camping buddy suffer from a fear of insects.

Fewer crowds

All campgrounds and parks are packed during the summer months, which some of you might like (which I doubt!), while in the cold months there are plenty of empty campgrounds where you will feel like you’re spending a night at your own property.



Campfires are nice at any time of the year, but their value rises in the cold months. When the air is cold outside, you need a campfire not only for atmosphere or to prepare food but to keep yourself and your buddy warm and closer together. Also, there’s often less threat of wildfire and fire restrictions in winter than summer.



Stargazing, a campfire and a tent work better in winter than in summer. It’s more likely that you’ll enjoy getting close to someone when it’s cold outside than when it’s boiling hot and you get bitten by mosquito non-stop. So, if you have a special person in your life, invite them to go camping next weekend. You never know what the cold weather brings.

No cooler needed

Cold weather means you can leave the ice bags at home and add more items to your camp cooking. Think about bringing foods that would normally go bad in summer months.

More silence

Everything is calmer and more tranquil when it’s cold outside, and especially at night. You will be able to take a nice rest while listening to the silence and concentrating on your inner peace. Winter months are perfect for camping.

Great stories

A campfire

Wintertime camping is better for creating stories. When you’re cold, everything around you looks scarier and your imagination works faster. Your colleagues at work will be impressed by your creativity when you get back to your normal life. Good luck!

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