US towns with the most unusual names that you can’t miss

Stef Zisovska
U.S. weather station sign in Hell - Author: Sswonk - CC BY-SA 3.0

The United States is a country with a great number of places with unique and weird names. Why people love putting unusual names to their hometowns, nobody knows, but the list is long and very creative. Some of them are creepy, some of them are funny, and some will make you hungry. Going on a road trip across the country and visiting these small places sounds like a lot of fun for this fall. If you have no better idea about how to spend your free time, here are some cool places to visit and learn more about their shocking names.

Slaughterville, Oklahoma

The country store in Hell as seen in July 2005 – Author: David Ball

The name of this little Oklahoma town can give you the shivers, and people think they’ll get slaughtered at the entrance. The name of the town has nothing to do with a mass murderer who killed everybody in the village. This name comes from a grocery store owner, James Slaughter. PETA set up a petition and asked the authorities to change the name into Veggieville in exchange for $20,000 in veggie burgers for the town’s school district. They rejected the offer because Slaughterville does not have its own school district.

Happyland, Connecticut

Happyland is a tiny town on the Connecticut River. One of the reasons why the people are so happy here is because they don’t pay municipal taxes.

Hell, Michigan

One of the most famous town names in the history of the world, Hell. There are quite a few stories on how the town got its name. The first one dates since 1830’s when German travelers arrived in town and their first words were ” Sehr Schon, hell” which means ” So beautiful and bright”. When some locals heard this, the name stuck forever. The second theory connects to the hell-like conditions that the early explorers noted. Mosquitos, wetlands, and thick forests are some of the reasons why this place was called Hell.

Sandwich, Massachusetts

Sandwich Glass Museum – Author: Andrewrabbott – CC BY-SA 3.0

The oldest town on Cape Cod was not named Sandwich because its people love to eat them. The name comes from the seaport of Sandwich in Kent, England when the town was settled in 1637.

Idiotville, Oregon

If you think only idiots live here, you’re wrong. Idiotville is almost a ghost town on the mouth of Idiot Creek on the Wilson River. The spot is so remote that people would say that only an idiot could go and work there, so that’s how it got its name. Its rather sad name doesn’t really attract tourists, but if you’re a weird-town-names chaser, you will love this place.

Deadman Crossing, Ohio 

Deadman Crossing is an unincorporated area in Ross County, Ohio. It’s another ghost town with an unusual name, and it’s not a surprise that no one lives there.

Junction of Three Locks Road and Toad Hollow Road in Deadman Crossing, Ohio – Author: Aesopposea – CC BY-SA 3.0

Jerkwater, Pennsylvania 

Jerkwater is a small community located in Bedford County in Pennsylvania. Its elevation is 1220 feet above sea level. Jerkwater was not a part of the last census, so there is no exact information on its population.

Utopia, Florida

The last known number of residents of this small community is 714. The town is now part of the West Park neighborhood in Florida.

As you can see, there are many places in the States with extremely weird names. Some of them are abandoned ghost towns that nobody visits, while others still have their proud residents who would be glad to receive some curious tourists. Knowing more about your country doesn’t mean that you should only visit the gorgeous national parks, but perhaps you could also have a look at corners of the States that nobody really visits. Who knows, you may be surprised by what’s hiding there. Good luck!

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