The safest and most peaceful places to live in the U.S.

Stef Zisovska
Safe town

Crime and violence rates all over the country are scary and make the majority of the population paranoid and afraid of everything. Some people have a reason to be scared for their lives and the lives of their kids because of the horrible things happening every day on the streets of the big cities. Fortunately, not all the country is unsafe, and there are peaceful places to live nationwide. If you don’t feel safe where you live at the moment or want to experience something different, here’s a list of America’s safest and most peaceful places to call home. Let’s get started!

Sudbury, Massachusetts

Wayside Inn, Sudbury MA – Author: John Phelan – CC-BY 3.0

The home of Henry Ford, Babe Ruth, and Shaquille O’Neil, Sudbury is a small town whose schools were rated as the 4th best in the country. Sudbury is takes good care of its teenagers by organizing fun events every Friday night at the Sudbury Teen Center. The purpose of the fun nights is not only for amusement but to keep the young people off the streets and occupied with useful activities. If you have teenage kids and you are worried about their safety, think about moving to Sudbury for few years or maybe even forever.

Weston, Connecticut

Town Hall, Weston, Connecticut, south (main) entrance – Author: Noroton

One of the most peaceful places in the country is the exceptionally safe town of Weston. The violent crime rate per 1000 people is 0.19, while the property crime rate is 3.17 per 1000 residents. Another good thing is that the Weston police department works with high-tech communication systems that alert the locals only a few moments after the reported emergency. Weston is close to various recreational areas where families can spend their free time, going hiking, climbing, and camping.

South Park Township, Pennsylvania

The James Miller House (aka “Stone Manse”) – Author: Lee Paxton – GFDL

South Park Township is a small community in southern Allegheny County, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The name of the township comes from the 3,000-acre park full of endless outdoor activities that satisfy all the sports needs of the residents. You can choose between golf, hiking, or ice skating at various parts of the park. The violent crime rate in South Park Township is low, which makes it a safe place to live in. People with small kids choose South Park Township because it’s quiet and surrounded by nature.

Wayland, Massachusetts

First Parish in Wayland – Author: John Phelan – CC-BY 3.0

Wayland is an interesting small town in Massachusetts, the home of the state’s first library. The kids are considered safe at home and out in public from the age of four. All citizens of Wayland are taught the basics of fire safety and prevention. Plenty of historic buildings, beautiful natural scenery, and a low crime rate make Wayland a quiet and peaceful place to live.

If, by any chance, you’re an Aerosmith fan, then you should know that the band’s frontman, Steven Tyler, was born in Wayland where the band held the first and only rock concert in the Wayland High School field house before they became world famous.

Lewisboro, New York

New York State Route 138 – Author: Adam Moss – CC BY-SA 2.0

Lewisboro is a small town in Westchester County in New York, and it has outstanding crime rate results for the last year. The violent crime rate statistics based on annual calculations is ZERO. Yes, you read that right. Knowing that it’s only 50 miles away from New York City, this fact sounds unbelievable. Apart from the peace and harmony, Lewisboro has other things to offer its residents. Seven official natural preserves and parks where people can go hiking and visit the countless ponds and trails that are open to the public all year round. Dos this sound like your dream town?

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