Affordable winter vacations around the world

Stef Zisovska

Wintertime does not necessarily need to revolve around skiing and snowboarding. There are many people that choose to visit a new destination that has nothing to do with snow or cold weather. Traveling in the winter months for some means enjoying a tropical beach, visiting a Hindu temple in Asia, or roaming the streets of some European capital. Also, traveling abroad doesn’t have to lower your bank account to zero. There are plenty of beautiful destinations around the world that you can visit this winter on a budget. Here’s a list of the most affordable places that you can visit for the upcoming holidays.

Rome, Italy

Winter in Rome

A winter visit to Rome means that you can find cheaper flights and accommodation and fewer people on the streets and in the museums. Not to mention the festive decorations in the city that every person alive will enjoy. Plus, with fewer people around you will be able to see all the city landmarks in peace and spend more time at each location. Getting a reservation in one of the best restaurants in the area is one more reason to visit the city built on seven hills.

Quebec, Canada

Frontenac Castle in Quebec, Canada

Low temperatures and cobblestone streets covered in snow are what you’ll find in Quebec during the holidays. But what’s priceless here is the way they celebrate from Christmastime to the Carnival in February. Don’t let the cold weather discourage you from exploring the neighborhoods like Old Québec and Quartier Petit-Champlain.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

While the northern hemisphere experiences winter temperatures, the southern hemisphere is enjoying the summer months. Auckland is sunny and warm from December to February, and it’s one of the coolest places to visit around Christmas. While it’s expensive to fly there, once you arrive in Auckland there are many free things to enjoy, ranging from art galleries to sprawling parks.

Crowded streets in Bangkok, Thailand

Warm weather, a dry climate, and low room rates are things you’ll find in Thailand in winter. An extremely popular destination for western tourists, Bangkok offers an exotic culture, spectacular cuisine, and smiling faces. People love coming to this mystical country and wintertime is the best time to do it. If you get tired of Bangkok after a while, book a cheap flight to one of the beautiful beaches and spend the holidays enjoying the pink coral sand.

Agra, India

Taj Majal

If you always wanted to see the stunning temple of Taj Majal, then winter is the best time to do it. Flying to India might be a bit pricey, but you will save a lot of money on dining and accommodation.

Mazatlan, Mexico

Beautiful beach in Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan is a perfect choice for people who like to avoid the crowds in Acapulco and Cabo, and it’s less expensive, too. Those that have already been here will agree that Mazatlan is a relaxing getaway where you don’t need to spend a fortune. If you get tired of lying on the beautiful beach all day, then visit the old Mazatlan town and learn things about its rich history. Walking on the oceanfront Malecon is another way to spend your time while visiting this beautiful beach town.

Winter holidays by default mean spending a lot of money. But if you know how to organize your budget and where to go, Christmas may not be that expensive after all. Choose the place you like the most and start searching for a flight. Maybe this year is the year when Christmas celebrations should be different for you and your family. Have fun and good luck!

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