Gear Review: Wilder and Sons Rucksack

Ian Carroll

I purchased my rucksack from Wilder and Sons just over two years ago and I’ve put it to the test more times than I can count.

This bag is a workhorse made from sturdy materials with a simple, elegant design.


My rucksack is ready for adventure


I have found a couple of small flaws after years of use and there are some features I’ve really fallen in love with. I’ll share all of these thoughts and my final recommendation below.


Sturdy build.

I’ll start by saying that I am an avid rock climber. I spend nearly every weekend out in the mountains hauling myself and my gear up and down steep cliffs. I wedge myself into narrow chimneys, scramble over jagged rock and haul my gear around in generally rugged terrain.


Sturdy and practical backpack


Any bag I take out into the mountains takes a real beating. My Wilder and Sons rucksack has spent the last two years in the mountains of the northwestern United States and the highlands of Guatemala. I certainly put it to the test.


Adventure rucksack


This bag is tough. Sturdy material, strong buckles and solid stitching allow it to withstand a heavy beating, day in and day out. All told, the bag is of a medium weight. It’s certainly not the pack to take trail running. However, it’s not as heavy as a combat pack with accessories coming out of its ears.


The fabric

Wilder and Sons chose to use 600D nylon for the outer material of this bag. It’s an uncommon fabric weight and you’ll be hard pressed to find other manufacturers using this weight of fabric in their packs. It is a sturdy fabric with pretty hefty threads, causing a somewhat stiff, and resilient texture.You’ll notice it right away, the bag feels sturdy and strong.


Tough material bag


The denier (D) rating of a fabric is a measurement of fiber thickness, not strength or durability. In general though, a higher D rating does mean stronger, sturdier fabrics and lower a D rating makes for a softer, sleeker fabric.


Rucksack ready for adventure


500D and 1000D nylon have both been the go to materials in bag making for a long time. However, 600D nylon is a little atypical. This gives the rucksack a unique feel and sets it apart from most bags on the market today.


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