memobottle™ is hiring and it’s probably the best job ever – on the hunt for a digital nomad to roam the planet

Paul Pinkerton - memobottle is now hiring and it's Probably The Best Job Ever. Bring your passport. We'll give you the laptop. The world is your office. Share if you or a friend would love this job. (PRNewsFoto/memobottle)

Memobottle™ founders Jonathan Byrt and Jesse Leeworthy have seen their product embraced, shared and loved by a global audience. When they set out to create memobottle™, they wanted to ensure that their company was never confined to bleak office walls.

“We wanted to create a truly unique product with memobottle™ and start to build a company that encompassed our passion for exploring, great design, travel, and the environment. With what memobottle™ stands for, we just don’t think we could stay true to our vision from the four-walled restraints of an office,” says Leeworthy.

Since forming the company 18 months ago, the founders have travelled to over 30 countries between them and have run their business everywhere from frozen lakes in the Arctic Circle, a 750km trek on the Camino de Santiago and even in the hull of a ship moored in a Norwegian harbour.

“We’re looking for a legendary Sales & Relationship Master who can take our business to the next level globally. They are probably in a 9–5 corporate job, craving flexibility, adventure and thinking to themselves ‘is this really what life is all about?'” says Byrt. “People have commitments, often financial responsibilities and that shackles many to their day jobs. We wanted to create a golden ticket of sorts. A truly unique opportunity for someone to continue their career in what we think is probably the best job ever.”

Although travel is not a mandatory for the role, the position gives the successful applicant the ability to work from wherever they wish. “We’ll provide the computer – so all they will need is a passport and an internet connection. Once we find the right personality fit, we don’t mind where in the world they are. We’d love to catch up with them for a surf or a beer in a few countries every now and then,” laughs Leeworthy.

Probably the Best Job Ever is now listed live on and can be applied for directly through the site. Image credit: memobottle