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Tijana Radeska

If you are a hiker, Chaco sandals are one of the best things you can put on your feet. Specifically created and designed to fit the needs of hikers, the Chaco sandals are simply perfect for the outdoors. If you love your feet, treat them with Chaco sandals.

Chaco sandals are a product of experience. They were invented by the veteran river guide Mark Paigen in 1989 when he started working with Dr. Gerhard Rill, a graduate of Munich School of Orthopedics.


Chaco sandals. Photo credit


It all started when Paigen was working in Colorado in the 1980’s. Spending his workdays on the river, he found it quite uncomfortable for his feet to be always “as wrinkled as raisins.” So, like any outdoorsman, Paigen started brainstorming ideas about footwear.


His five key points for the shoes he had in his mind were: synthetic materials, anatomical strap placement, a continuous pull-through strap, top-shelf components – especially outsoles from Vibram, and no Velcro.


Chaco sandals. Photo credit


Chaco sandals. Photo credit


And above everything else, Paigen didn’t want to invent just comfortable shoes. He wanted to create the “Ultimate Sports Sandal,” world’s most comfortable shoes. So he began working with Dr. Rill who started testing multiple designs until he discovered the current footbed. Rill called Paigen exclaiming that “That’s ze one!” Hence, in honor of this, the first model of the new, highly supportive sandal was called the Z1.


Chaco Z/1 sandals. Photo credit


The Chacos started as Gecko, but their name was changed soon after they began to branch out. A scientifically derived contoured platform, “Luvseat” was invented as well. It properly aligns and supports your foot and body. The American Podiatric Medical Association recognizes Chaco’s promotion of foot health, so many of the footwear styles bear the Association’s Seal of Acceptance.


Hiking with Chaco sandals. Photo credit


The Chaco’s designs are unique and recognizable. Even though the line of products has expanded and Chaco have grown tremendously in the past twenty years, the basic concept of the sandal had remained steadfast. There are little variations between the models, and also Chaco offers products such as leather shoes, boots, and hiking shoes. However, all Chaco models have the same emphasis on the extreme adjustability.


“Poor dinosaur, no Chacos for him!” Photo credit


And another thing is that once you buy them, you have them forever. If something happens to your Chaco’s, even if they just turn old, you can send them to the Chaco’s headquarters where they will be repaired for free and shipped back to you.


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