Oregon’s top outdoor attractions

Stef Zisovska

Oregon is one of the states on the Pacific coast that offers the most attractive tourist destinations. If you’re looking for a holiday paradise, then you’ll find it on the shores of Oregon. Miles-long sandy beaches, resorts, parks, and outdoor activities are some of the features to be found here.

If you’re not a beach fan, don’t worry, Oregon is way more than just a lush beach state. In the north, the coast meets the Columbia River which flows all along Oregon’s northern border. Columbia River flows inland where you can enjoy the many scenic roads, landscapes, and waterfalls.

Downtown Portland by night

Apart of its natural gems, Oregon has a rich city life to offer as well. Portland is one of the biggest centers of unique culture with lots of art museums, bookshops, sightseeing locations and gardens such as the International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park. Another favorite tourist town is Newport where people like spending their summer holidays.

Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park has a unique landscape reminiscent of some fairytale world ruled by wizards. The main feature you need visit here is the Crater Lake itself, a caldera filled with water on Mount Mazama. To explore the lake you can take a tour from Cleetwood Cove to the Wizard Island that stands in the middle of the lake. Crater Lake has an almost perfect circular form and unusual depth of 1935 feet.

Columbia River Gorge

The majestic Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is a region where you can follow the Columbia River as it cuts through the Cascade Mountains. The gorge formed by the river has many waterfalls that you can visit, including the second tallest waterfall in the country, the Multnomah Falls. Also, there are hiking and biking trails in the area that are a perfect way to explore the gorge.

Cannon Beach

The 235 foot sea stack known as Haystack Rock that famously featured in The Goonies

Cannon Beach is home to Haystack Rock, locally claimed to be the world’s third largest such monolithic intertidal feature. The beach is a wide stretch of sand that attracts a big number of tourists every year.

The city of Seaside is another great beach spot you can visit, especially if you like surfing. Also nearby is Astoria at the mouth of the Columbia River, only 20 miles from Cannon Beach.


Farewell Bend Park on the Deschutes River

Bend is a city in the center of Oregon, surrounded by various national forests, hills, and dry plains. It’s the favorite Oregon destination for those who prefer active vacations. Anything from rafting trips on the Deschutes River or visiting the volcanic landscapes in Lava Butte and the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, to climbing the Smith Rock will satisfy the curious spirit of the tourists that come here.

Washington Park, Portland

Fall is the best time to see the maples in vivid color at Portland Japanese Gardens, Washington Park

Portland is famous for its parks and rose gardens, but nothing’s comparable to the Washington Park. One of the most impressive parts of the park is the Portland Japanese Garden that treats visitors to exceptional horticultural scenery that changes dramatically through the seasons. If you travel with kids, the Oregon Zoo and Portland Children’s Museum are two more top attractions of Washington Park.


The view towards Yaquina Head lighthouse

Newport is a good base spot from where you can go north and south to explore the coast. Sandy beaches, lighthouses, Oregon Coast Aquarium, and Hatfield Marine Science Center are some of the places to visit while in Newport. The wild Pacific beaches are surprisingly beautiful, offering spectacular sunset views and whale watching.

Mount Hood National Forest

Mount Hood reflected in Mirror Lake

Mount Hood is the highest peak in Oregon, rising to 11,250 feet. Various trails in the forest will take you to hot springs and waterfalls where you can enjoy a picnic with your friends. The scenic viewpoints you’ll find here can’t compare to anything else in the country. Mount Hood National Forest is a hiker’s paradise and a highly recommendable tourist destination in Oregon.

Keeping watch over the Pacific Ocean

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