Stand-up paddle boarding – new skill to learn this summer

Stef Zisovska
Stand-up paddle boarding

Stand up paddle boarding or SUP, is a cool water sport that becomes more popular every summer. Everybody that likes the idea of surfing will fall for this amazing outdoor activity. If you are a beach person and enjoy spending time in the water, you will love it.

Stand up paddle boarding is as fun as it sounds. The main difference between surfing and this cousin-activity is that stand up paddle boarding is way easier to learn. So, if you are frustrated because you could never actually surf, this sport will help you feel confident again.


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It was invented in Hawaii and unlike the general surfing where the rider waits for to wave to come, stand up paddle board riders are standing on the boards using a paddle to propel themselves through the water, it’s like a stand up boat where you can travel around.


There are variations of this fun sport, allowing people to do it on lakes, rivers, canals and the ocean. For first-time riders, it’s recommended to start on calm waters because you can practice your balance and learn the first steps. It’s a perfect activity for recreational purposes, fitness, sightseeing, and even lake racing.


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Lake racing is not all paddle boarding is good for. There are plenty of cool ways to use it.  For all yoga lovers, there is a paddle board yoga that combines hatha yoga with surfing.

When starting this activity is better to try it first on the sand for you to gain physical strength. After that, you can try lakes and calm waters.

It’s a perfect activity for all of you who like surfing and yoga at once. By practicing this sport, you not only gain physical strength but also improve your agility and balance.

Also, you can use the board to go paddle board fishing which is a cool thing to do. It will give your favorite hobby a new meaning and purpose. After all, it will make fishing something more active and useful for keeping you fit.


A related traditional sport to stand-up paddleboarding is done kneeling on a board and paddling with the hands. It looks very similar to butterfly swimming stroke.


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Stand-up paddle boarding is a very popular outdoor activity amongst people wanting to get into water sports.

If you wanted to learn something new this summer it’s one of the best outdoor activities for all ages.

You can find out what kind of paddle boarding you like and jump into new adventures.

We know you’ll have lots of fun while doing it and for an even better experience, invite your friends to paddle with you. Everything is better when shared with friends. Enjoy your new favorite water sport!


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